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Looking for books and articles to inform the reporting of suspected child abuse and neglect?  Start here.

If you have a book or other publication to add to this page, contact us with details.

Making The Tough Call 
Resource for Professional Reporters of Suspected Child Maltreatment



Two Special Editions Out Now! More Coming Soon...

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Special Edition for Mental and Behavioral Health Professionals

Special Edition for Medical and Health Professionals

Other Books By Dr. Kathryn Krase 


Making the

Tough Call:

Series in

New Social Worker Magazine

Educational Neglect &

Children with Special Needs:

COVID Impact

Rethinking Educational Neglect:

COVID Impact​

Reckless Endangerment: 

Differentiating from Abuse/Neglect​


Comparing Universal Reporting States to Others

Preparing Social Workers as Mandated Reporters

Racial Disproportionality in Reports by Different Report Sources

Educational Personnel as Reporters​

Racial Disproportionality

& Educational Personnel

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