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Resources For Mandated Reporters

Am I A Mandated Reporter?

The laws that govern who is a mandated reporter differ by state. For a list by state, look to the Child Welfare Information Gateway for guidance.

When Do I Have to Make a Report?

The standards for when mandated reporters are required to make a report differ by state, based on level of suspicion.

What are the Legal Implications?

The law provides protections for reports made in good faith, but also punishment for when mandated reporters fail to meet their legal obligations. 

How do I make a report?

When you've made the decision to make a report of suspected child maltreatment, you need to call the appropriate resource in your state. 

Free Mandated Reporting Guide

This free printable guide for mandated reporters with Making The Tough Call's exact decision making framework helps you to know the reporting basics and how to evaluate your concerns.

Download your copy today!

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Considering making a report to Child Protective Services and not sure where to start?

Links & Citations
for Dr. Krase's Research on Mandated Reporting, Child Welfare, and More... 

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